25 February 2019

Syntrain fellows instructing high school students at BRIC


In November 2018 the fellows Georgios Pappas and Karolin Voßgröne participated in teaching 18 high school students in a 2 day course at BRIC.

The aim was to give the students the opportunity to get first hands-on experience with performing experiments in a laboratory and getting an insight into the field of irradiation and DNA damage. The experiment was designed to evaluate the cellular response to different doses of irradiation by staining for a DNA damage marker. Georgios and Karolin instructed the students in performing the experiment as well as the data analysis and subsequent discussion. The students will use the data from the experiments in their SRP assignment at 3rd year of high school.

It was a great experience for us to work with these highly motivated and eager students, said Karolin and Georgios.