SYNTRAIN Network events

Month 8 (April 2017)

Kick off Meeting Copenhagen + 1st Board Meeting

24-25 April 2017 

Month 19 (March 2018)

1st Summer School: “Biological & pharmacological application of high throughput techniques" (organized by UOXF) + 2nd Board Meeting

10-14 March 2018

Month 25 (September 2018)

Mid-term Review Meeting (organized by UCPH) September 10th 2018 at NKI, Amsterdam

Month 25 (September  2018)

Syntrain Symposium "DNA repair and synthetic lethality in cancer" (organized by NKI)
2nd Summer School:
“Innovative mouse models in cancer research“ (organized by NKI-AVL) + 3rd Board Meeting

Month 33 (May 2019)

3rd Summer School: “Drug development and entrepreneurial skills” (organized by KI & Kancera) + 4th Board Meeting
Month 43 (March  2020)

International conference: Genomic Instability in Cancer: from tumour evolution to novel cures (organized by UPAT)
Month 46 (June 2020)

SYNTRAIN Closing Meeting + 5th Board Meeting